Thursday, January 27, 2005

Agree to Disagree

I might get in trouble with my brother Ian on this blog but I don't care. We disagree sometimes and this is one of them. I listen to a radio talk show called the Jim Rome show on the way to Target. I have listened to him for a while now thanks to Laura and ex-girlfriend of mine got me hooked on him. Now there are things that when I listen to him I agree with him but sometimes I don't. Ian thinks that he isn't a good sports talk host and I think he is. Jim Rome is opinionated yes I will agree he has his points of view that might turn people off to his point of view. But sometimes when I listen to him and listen to the people he has interviews with I get drawn in and that is not a bad thing. Jim Rome can be very opinionated I am not going to disagree on that but sometimes there can be times when he is right on a subject or he can be far off on a subject hence agree to disagree. My brother knows that I like him and I can tell you I like him. Whether Ian agrees with his views or not I am cool with. He has his opinion and I have mine. That is what makes us special as brothers. He has his opinion and I have mine. We both listen to each others opinion even though we may disagree sometimes. That is why I LOVE my brother Ian we have been this way all our lives and I thank him for that.

I am greatful for a lot of things with my brother Ian especially the way we agree to disagree. I could go on but when Ian reads this he will know what I mean. From deep down inside I want to say THANKS bro that you listen to what I have to say and I listen to what you say hence we agree to disagree on things. GOODNIGHT.



Sunday, January 23, 2005

Blizzard 05

Over the past 2 days we here in the state of CT had a blizzard which is now known as Blizzard 05. It started Saturday just after 2 p.m. while I was at Target. I couldn't believe how much snow we were getting at that time. As the night went on it got worse. When I woke up this morning I couldn't believe how much of the white fluffy stuff fell overnight. I didn't measure the snow but it was a lot.

All day today I was out cleaning up from the blizzard. Luckily I had a snow blower and went right to town on the snow. I did my neighbors driveway and my parents driveway as well. Even though it was an all day thing getting done at 4:15 it was well worth it. This storm reminds me of the storm we had back in 1996 when I was a senior at GHS (Glastonbury High School) for people who are reading this and don't know what I was talking about. That storm was bad but not as bad as this one. Things are good now and everything is getting back to normal. I am a little tired but overall in good shape.

Word of the day from the Blizzard of 05 "Boombognesis". A rapid intense deepening over the benchmark for coastal juggernauts. In other words when a low pressure system rakes in a great amount of ocean moisture at one time.

Well that is that on the Blizzard of 05

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Year

Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First post of the new year and this is going to be a good one. I have a lot of thoughts and a new year for me in general. I have a lot of things that I am going to do this new year and have fun. But first starting off with thoughts.

I am a little sad because last Friday January 7, 2005 one of my best friends Lester Greenleaf moved out of CT to Indiana. He was moving there to be with his girlfriend. Now I have had a few days to think about it and I am both happy and sad that he left. I am happy because he finally left all the bull shit of CT and he can finally go on and pursue what he wants in life without anyone stopping him. As well he can explore to see what is out there since this is his first time away from home. I took him out for drinks last Wednesday night and for me it felt weird because as he called us the "two musketeers" were getting broken up. It was a reflection moment for me because Lester and I grew up together, went to the same schools together and graduate high school together. I didn't get emotional but I did feel sad inside. Lester is a great friend to me and even though he is in Indiana now I have a good sense of happiness that he is happy and I am happy for him since he can finally be on his own and route out his own path for the rest of his life. Good luck my friend see you when you come back to CT with your girlfriend in a year.

Now for me. I am feeling good about this year 2005. I have a lot of goals that I put infront of me for the new year and so far I have been keeping on track with those goals. I for one have been working out at the gym. I can't wait until I am done because I am working my ass off at the gym and in 3 months I should look pretty good. Another goal is to find a new job. I like my job at Target but I want to get back into the computer field if possible. As long as it is a job then it is ok with me. Meeting new friends in 2005 is a goal for me as well. I have done that already. I have made a new friend and her name is Patty. She is really really cool, sweet woman and she works at ASD. I think that it is cool that she is working there and having fun there right now. She can sign very well. Very cool woman as well.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things that I want and will accomplish in 2005 I am going to put my nose to the grind stone and do it even posting every other day to everyday to my blog have a great night and I hope everyone reads and posts.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I'm Back

Hey guys and gals I am back with an all new blog report. I know it has been awhile and sorry about that I have been extremely busy with work and all.

To start things off I had a great Thanksgiving and hope everyone else did too. Thanksgiving this year was nice and peaceful. It was weird because there was just mom, dad, and I. My bro Ian and his wife Brooke are out in Venezuala so it was nice. During the Thanksgiving week my dad and I helped mom prepare for the turkey day feast. Each day we would do something different whether it would be dad breaking up the bread for the stuffing or me washing and then cutting the vegetables to get them ready for mashed potatoes or whatever. Ate a lot and drank a very very good day.

On Friday 11/26/04 was black Friday. I work at Target so you wouldn't believe how surprised I was when I pulled into the parking lot at 4:50 in the morning to see all the cars in the parking lot. I really wasn't I told mom that I wouldn't be surprised if that happened but what I was surprised at was the line that was forming at the front door already. The line stretched out from the door into the parking lot area. I shook my head in disbelief and proceeded inside via the employee entrance. Once inside my day for the first hour was calm and peaceful. The only thing I was doing was taking toys out of boxes and prepping them to go out to the sales floor. Once 6 a.m. arrived it was mad house central. It seemed like every 5 seconds people would call the back room that is where I work and ask to see if we had locations on a certain product. I would answer yes or no then if we did pull it if not wait for the next call. I did that all day until I left for the day. When I was leaving I got to see what it was like and let me tell you it was unbelievable. We made $580,000 that day. I also helped out by buying the game cube game Need For Speed Underground 2.

NFSU2 or Need For Speed Underground 2 as it is called is a killer kick ass game. For anyone that has played NFSU the precursor to the second one, the second one pales in comparison to the first game. NFSU2 you can say is a little bit like GTA line of games where you drive a round on city streets of a city called Bayview looking for different races against other cars called outrun races plus you have other challenges where you can go and race against other cars. As you win these races you get money in which you use to put into your car to hook it up. The car you start with is a stock car of your choice and when you win and win to collect the money you can find different parts and performance shops to customize your car whether underneath the hood to the exhaust system to putting nitrous in your car to putting different lights, side skirts, bumpers just to name a few things you can do. The game is really really great and fun to play after this I will be playing NFSU2. If you have PS2, Game Cube, or X-Box rent it and try it out it is a great great game. Well that is it for me and this post I promise to get back on a better rythm and post every day to everyother day like I said in my very first post. Have a great night and weekend talk to you all soon.


Sunday, November 14, 2004

Weekend Thoughts

As I look back on the past week I can really say it has been a good week. At work I got to see an old classmate of mine. We got to reminisce about high school and our college experiences. I was glad to hear that she did well at ECSU. I told her how I did at Mitchell and everything like that.

Friday night we had snow here in CT. We got 3 to 4 inches. It first started off as rain then Friday night it changed to snow. It was very interesting waking up to it because I wasn't expecting it so soon, but I guess in November anything can happen. I just hope that it isn't going to be a bad winter but by the way we have had the cold temperatures already I wouldn't doubt it.

For the second straight week the NY Giants blow a 14 pt lead and lose this time to the Arizona Cardinals. The G-Men are starting to get on my nerves with the back to back losses. Once again they committed stupid penalties which cost them this game. The good start that they had is now just a mere flash in the pan as they are now just 1 game over .500 I really hate it. But as far as I get frustrated with the G-Men they are still my team so I guess I have to live with it and I am not going to do what my brother Ian did and jump ship to the Patriots just because the Giants aren't doing well. As for the Patriots I wouldn't jump to them I just don't like them if I had to jump ship for some strange reason I would go to the Pittsburgh Steelers. They have a great team there rookie quaterback Roethlesburger is doing a phenomenal job and you can't forget Jerome "the Bus" Bettis tearing it up. Hope to see them in the playoffs could give the Pats a run for there money. That though is still ways off so we will see what happens.

Thoughts on what I have to call my 3 top shows. The O.C., 24, and Joan of Arcadia. Lets start with the last one first. I love the show and I am 26 years old. I love the show it has a lot of significance for me can't explain how but it does. The O.C. a show in its second season I just love because basically all it is a soap opera geared toward the 18-29 age group. Really really good show if you haven't seen it you should check it out. 24 going into its 3 rd season. I have followed that since it debuted on FOX. Love the show glad to see it back on for a third season.

Well that is it for my weekend thoughts post. Have a great week and look for me as I post more postings this week.

Saturday Night Bowling

Good Sunday evening. Hope everyone had a great weekend. As I sit here and type in this installment of my blog I had a great weekend. Lastnight my friend Greg and I went bowling. We met up with my friend Ryan and some of his family lastnight for bowling. It was a lot of fun and had a great time. We played 3 games and 2 lanes later I took the best of 3 series 2 games to 1 and for all our troubles wtih the lanes the manager gave us 3 free games for the last three games we didn't play. So lastnight was a real kick ass night. My scores weren't bad 103 game 1, 101 game 2 and an 89 game 3. Greg beat me that game by 10. My scores for some reason tend to flucuate from game to game but oh well its just for fun. I had a blast so did Greg so lastnight was a great time. War bowling and having a great night.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Good evening everyone. Just hanging out by my computer listening to the radio over the internet and relaxing. After a long day at work and running 2 miles and then doing sprints on top of that and a nice hot shower this is great. I am nice and relaxed. One thing that I like when I am relaxed is I can get the thought process flowing and it comes out like I want it to. Later I will relax more by watching my tv shows but I feel good and I am thankful for that. Sorry this maybe a stupid post for you all to read it is what I have say and like I said I am using this to base my thoughts and get my feelings out. Well that is my post for the night talk to you all tomorrow.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Presidential Election And Other Things

OK I have had 5 days to think about what happened this past Tuesday in the Election of 2004. Congrats to you if you voted for W, me I didn't I voted for the conceded Kerry. I really thought that Kerry had a chance to beat W and make him a 1 and done president like his father but I was wrong. Bush just rubs me the wrong way I don't like him at all. I didn't agree with him on going to war in Iraq. The war on terrorism shouldn't have gone through Iraq. Today whether you agree with me or disagree with me that is fine it is my opinion as well as yours, Bush just wanted to finish what his father couldn't and he did but there are still so many problems in Iraq. I have a problem with our troops in Iraq. Don't get me wrong they are doing a great job but I am sick and tired of hearing our men and women dying everyday on the news plus no WMDs were found like W said there were. Our men and women should be some where else like say Afganistan looking for Osama Bin Laden. We have men and women there but in my opinion not enough and we aren't doing enough to find Bin Laden.

I remember when September 11, 2001 happended. I was at work and I get a call by my girlfriend at that time and she tells me that a plane flew into the first world trade center. I really didn't think about it at the time because I was working on a computer for a Pratt and Whitney employee. As I walk back to the office I still don't give it any thought. As I walked in a co-worker Mike Golenski had a radio on and the time I came in the second plane hit WTC tower 2. Still I had no clue what was going on. I headed back to my apt for lunch when I get a page from my boss Vinnie to come back to the office. When I get back he makes all of us sign our names on a piece of paper and then he tells us to go home. I get to my apt and all the tv has on is the videos of the planes hitting the trade centers. I sit down and watched and watched and watched. Finally about 2 pm that day I had enough and went out to lunch. Then that is when it really hit me that the place that I thought was the safest place in the whole world just got hit by terrorism. After 9/11/01 all these rules and regulations came into place and I just said yeah yeah who cares. I didn't know how drastically things here in the U.S. were about to change. Things definitely changed alright. Some of our freedoms I believe have gotten squashed like the right of free speech, and freedom of expression just look what has happened to Howard Stern for that example and yes I am a listener and a fan of his even though there are things I agree and disagree with him on but anyways. Here is an excerpt of what I said on my brother's blog. i really wish kerry and edwards won the election. i am sick of hearing on the news about our soldiers dying everyday, terrorists kidnapping innocent civilians and then in a week or so beheading them to. to me that is starting to get to be too much. w thinks he will get things done but he won't. sometimes under w i think this isn't my place anymore. i think with him in charge he took away a lot of peoples freedom of speech, freedom of expression and i wouldn't be surprised if there was another attack on the u.s. sometime in the near future. i really wish kerry and edwards won the election. i am sick of hearing on the news about our soldiers dying everyday, terrorists kidnapping innocent civilians and then in a week or so beheading them to. to me that is starting to get to be too much. w thinks he will get things done but he won't. sometimes under w i think this isn't my place anymore. i think with him in charge he took away a lot of peoples freedom of speech, freedom of expression and i wouldn't be surprised if there was another attack on the u.s. sometime in the near future. anyways sorry for ranting but that is the sentiment i feel and in some ways it is yours too.

OK back to the election. The American people made a choice and they voted for W. Fine and dandy with me. But I think they voted for the wrong person for 4 more years. You want to agree or disagree with me that is fine but that is my opinion and I am definitely sticking to it.